Hi my name is Preston Farris, I would like to bring a sense of culture and community to today’s youth through culinary experiences. I have always been interested in cooking, I am also a history and culture enthusiast.
    I want to tell stories through food, and help others get a connection to other cultures and take pride in their own culture\communities. I believe food is one of the best ways to delve yourself into another culture, to connect peoples a world over with similarities and interests. After all every food and every ingredient has a story, a connection to something we can all relate to. Finding those connections can be extremely rewarding.
   The best experiences (for me) is sitting down with a really good meal and just living in the moment, listening to stories about what others have to say, what they think, and how they live. You would be surprised the things people will open up about when having a good meal. For me it’s all about bringing people back to their roots, there is nothing better than seeing the look on someone’s face when they eat something that brings them back to a happy moment in their life or even just creating that happy moment in the present. I want to share this experience with anyone willing, to show them how important food really is when you put the hard work in yourself and come up with something amazing, or to just try something new. 
   My goal is to one day run my own restaurant, and eventually a restaurant chain that uses only locally sourced produce, meats, and local talent in their area. I believe we as people are sort of losing our sense of culture and community in place of convenience and I think that a restaurant like this would bring back a sense of togetherness we are all lacking these days. I am extremely passionate about people knowing where their food comes from, and that is why I believe that having this connection makes the experience of food all the more better.