I would like to introduce myself as a naturalist who loves to create, I have no formal training in the arts.  I do have a Bachelor of Science degree from Chico State University in the study of Agriculture with an emphasis in Natural Resources. I am a naturalist. I live in and with nature. I love to observe our natural world and reflect those images which I see into that which I create. I have been creating and building things all of my life. Most of which I have learned in the area of art has been my own curiosity and wondering if I can do something with what seems like nothing.

Besides my love for nature I also enjoy sharing nature with others. I have learned to use art as a driver to share my passion for the natural world.  As I am learning a skill or teaching a skill, it important for me to show others the many different natural resources involved in making anything.  Natural resources are the media for everything and it is important to understand where things come from and the processes it takes for us to be able to use them in the forms we know them.

Much of the art I create I do by modern terms is “up cycling” which is using found, and reclaimed  objects to create  new things with  intent and purpose, different from that of the original all while increasing the value of the item. My favorite form of “upcycling” is to find new ways to use old clothing and textiles.  Rugs, baskets and bags are some ways in which I reclaim fabric. 

Nature seems to drive me to make everything, I love to make things out of plants and dried flowers. Weaving together different natural elements to form a useful piece of art is also a passion of mine. Plants are an important part of the art I create, often I grow a different plant each year and use it in some artistic form. Gourds are a favorite that I like to grow, then make into containers, or hanging planters as well as so many other things.

I see nature as art together as one.